We know that you do not always have time to shuffle through Awards and Legislation during the few free hours you have available to you in down-time. We also know that all Doctors like to check 'the facts'. ASMOF would like to present a short self-help menu for you to peruse. If you are a Member and have further questions regarding the below topics, do not hesitate to contact us for clarification. If you are not yet a member, please consider the benefits of joining your Doctors' Union.

1.            Jurisdiction

2.            Union membership

3.            Conditions of employment

4.            Industrial disputes

5.            Underpayment and overpayment

6.            Discrimination

7.            Bullying and harassment

8.            Workplace investigations

9.            Work health & safety

10.          Long service leave

11.          Sick leave

12.          Maternity leave - Staff Specialists

13.          Maternity, Adoption and Parental Leave - Medical Officers

14.          Unfair dismissal (Industrial Relations Act)

15.          Unfair dismissal (Fair Work Act)

16.          What you can claim under TESL

17.          What is the role of a support person and when can you use one

18.          Trivial Complaints

19.          Workers Compensation in New South Wales

20.          Can Staff Specialists cash out extra annual leave?

21.          Parental Leave (DiTs)

22.          Workplace change and consultation

23.          Guidelines for Regrading - Senior Career Medical Officers (CMOs)

24.          What is Family and Community Service (FACS) leave?