Becoming the Doctors' Union for All Doctors


Rules changed but the hard work really starts now.

As all members would be aware, ASMOF at the end of last year was pursuing changes to our rules to enable it to have an expanded scope of union coverage.  Pleasingly, we can confirm that amendments have been approved to the rules of ASMOF by the Industrial Registrar.  These rule changes provide the capacity for ASMOF to now cover and represent, in addition to the Health Services Union NSW, medical practitioners employed under the Public Hospital (Medical Officers) Award and the Public Hospitals (Medical Superintendents) Award

It essentially extends the previous shared coverage arrangements in place solely for Career Medical Officers to this additional cohort of medical practitioners.  The above awards have now also been subsequently varied by the IRC to reflect ASMOF’s capacity to represent such medical practitioners.

Since that time, ASMOF has contacted all LHDs and Networks telling them about the above changes to union coverage and asking as a result that ASMOF should be kept in mind if any consultation is sought by them or issues arise concerning the employment of such medical practitioners. 

As a result, ASMOF is also now making arrangements to participate in O Week for new Interns commencing on 14 January 2013. 

And as flagged in the ASMOF December Newsletter sent out to all members, ASMOF has now signed off on an exciting new partnership with the AMA NSW to provide the best possible representation and range of services to medical practitioners employed under the Public Hospital (Medical Officers) Award

This partnership protects and respects the independence of each organisation whilst realising what each can contribute - working together - for Interns, Residents and Registrars is far more powerful and is as a result a potent mix of industrial and professional strength and experiences. 

Whether it is industrial advice and representation or the battle to ensure that enough training places exist or resolving issues with the award or medico-legal issues or working safe hours, ASMOF and AMA NSW will have it covered via The Alliance.

MAKE SURE you check out next week’s update that will have an in-depth analysis of this new direction and partnership, and the response we received from Interns during O Week.