New Government Mid-Term Public Hospital Doctor Survey


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Message from the President of ASMOF NSW

Dear Member

ASMOF NSW - in conjunction with the AMA (NSW) - is undertaking a survey of public hospital doctors to provide a picture of the public hospital system midway through the term of the current NSW Government.  The survey will form the basis of a “midterm report” to be released at the end of March. 

You may recognise some of the questions in the survey as being the same as those in surveys undertaken prior to the Garling Commission of Inquiry and 12 months after the implementation of the Garling recommendations. Using some of the same questions will enable us to make comparisons with the state of public hospitals pre-Garling, immediately post-Garling and in 2013.

Please take the time to complete the survey.  The questions should take no more than ten minutes to complete and there are also plenty of opportunities to write your own comments should you wish to do so. 

There is also a separate section specifically relating to Intern, Resident and Registrar issues.  Respondents in these categories will be automatically directed to this section but will also have the opportunity to answer the general questions.  ASMOF is especially interested in this feedback, along with those provided by Staff Specialists, Career Medical Officers, and Clinical Academics.  These will be very useful in assisting in the development of future directions for ASMOF.   

However, the feedback will not only provide a snapshot as to where the medical profession thinks the NSW health system is currently up to, but responses will also contribute to the dialogue about the need to ensure the proper engagement of the profession into decisions regarding the direction and delivery of health services.

Please take the time to complete the survey and add your voice to the report.

Yours faithfully

Dr Tony Sara
President, ASMOF NSW