New Working with Children Check


Delay in previously advised start date.

Members will recall from our last update on this change that a new Working With Children Check was to start on 11 February 2013.  Following the feedback provided on the draft Regulation issued on 26 October 2012, that commencement date is no longer applicable.  It is anticipated that a rescheduled start date will be advised shortly, along with the final shape of the Regulation that will underpin its operation.  This will include the timeframe for its full application to NSW Health employees. 

In its submission last year, ASMOF suggested that due to the size and complexity of the NSW public health system, the timeframe for transition contained in the draft Regulation of 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2015 be pushed back or alternatively be over a greater period of time. This would allow the time that will inevitably be necessary to engage with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to ensure the most orderly transition to the new arrangements and one that does not cause unintended disruption.

A new Working with Children Check schema will commence in February 2013. A number of key changes will arise. This includes that the responsibility and cost for such checks will be placed on existing and prospective employees in the future. An employee will need to apply for their own check every five years, receive a clearance, and pay the fee of $80.

It would appear that the process will have essentially two steps. Firstly, the employee (or prospective employee) will need to apply on line for such a check and clearance. Secondly, they will then need to attend a RTA Office or Government Access Centre to show proof of identity and pay the $80 for the five year clearance. On payment, a card of sorts showing clearance and the ability to work as a child related worker will be provided. It is understood this will have some unique identifier.

Apparently similar arrangements are already in place in some other states/territories.