The Doctors' Union For All Doctors - An Update


Progress continues as ASMOF membership grows.

Since our previous update, progress continues with the engagement of medical practitioners employed under the Public Hospital (Medical Officers) Award and the Public Hospitals (Medical Superintendents) Award.  

Part of the challenge now before ASMOF is ensuring that this potential is converted to a reality, reflecting increased union density and a greater capacity to address and resolve workplace issues bedevilling this workforce.  This will not only be to the benefit of these doctors but the whole profession.

ASMOF is already assisting individual members and other issues that appear to impact at a facility level.  We are in the process of establishing and ensuring appropriate resources are made available.  Changes are also being planned to ensure improvements to existing systems, for example our website, to ensure it provides and services the needs of all our members. 

It is a very busy and exciting time and will take some months to ‘bed down’ this new era for ASMOF and its members - new and old.  As previously advised, part of the new arrangements includes a partnership with the AMA NSW to make available to such a workforce an option - at the discretion of the doctor - to take up joint membership of both organisations. Whether it is industrial advice and representation or the battle to ensure that enough training places exist or resolving issues with the award or dealing with medico-legal issues or safe working hours, ASMOF and AMA NSW joint members will have it covered via this partnership, badged as The Alliance.

This is not a novel approach. The HSU had joint membership arrangements in place with the AMA NSW from the late 1990s to about 2006, recognising the benefits of providing to doctors access to both their industrial and professional organisations.

A full update will be provided to the ASMOF AGM and ASMOF State Council on 19 February 2013, and then subsequently passed on to all members.