Who's Who

ASMOF (NSW) State Council 2018 - 2021 

Under s239 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 and the rules of the state registered union, ASMOF (NSW), the individuals elected to ASMOF (NSW Branch) Council of Federal ASMOF in the 2018 election also constitute the State Council of ASMOF (NSW).

(L to R: Dr Yong, Dr Karplus, Dr Sara & Dr Korb-Wells)

The ASMOF (NSW) State Council members are:


Dr Tony Sara

Vice President
Dr Choong-Siew Yong

Dr Tom Karplus

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Dr Cameron Korb-Wells

State Council

Dr Kenneth Apen
Dr Claire Blizard
Dr Michael Boyd
Prof James Colebatch
Prof Hans Dietz
Dr Brian Fernandes
Dr Charles Fisher
Dr Natasha Gorrie
Dr Donald Hannah
Dr Jacqueline Ho
Dr Steven Hurwitz
Dr Ashish Jiwane
Dr Anthony Joseph
Dr Peshotan Katrak
Dr Sharon Miskell
Dr Thomas Morrison
Dr Bernard Myers
Dr Tomas Salonga
Dr Michelle Smigielski
Dr Elizabeth Swinburn
Prof Paul Thomas
Dr Roger Traill
Dr Rajdeep Ubeja
Dr Jeffery Wang

ASMOF State Council Meetings
ASMOF State Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month, excepting January.



** Please note the ASMOF (NSW) Annual General Meeting normally occurs in conjunction with the Council meeting held in February each year.  Information is provided to members well in advance.